Established in 2008, RSW have been dedicated to providing high-quality machining and sheet metal services for B2B clients in the European and American industrial sectors.

Our company consists of two modern factories: a machining factory and a sheet metal factory, working together to fulfill customers' comprehensive needs in the fields of mechanical processing, sheet metal fabrication, welding, and assembly. Our machining factory is equipped with 20 state-of-the-art machines, including Haas CNC lathes, Mazak machining centers, DMG grinding machines, and coordinate measuring machines for high-precision processing services. Our sheet metal factory is outfitted with Belgium DERATECH press brakes, Japanese YASKAMA welding robots,and laser cutting machines, ensuring high-quality sheet metal processing and welding. The core competencies of our company lie in processing precision and assembly capabilities, offering clients a one-stop custom solution We have over 60 staffs, including 8 engineers/3 sales/3 inspectors/30 workers. Our facilities employ cutting-edge technology and are capable of meeting customer requirements in the following areas: Large-scale and heavy-duty machining Casting+Machining Sheet metal fabrication and processing Automated and robotic welding technologies Precision welding and specialty welding Complex mechanical assembly and inspection
With over 20 years of expertise across multiple industries, we provide top-notch technical support, facilities, and know-how to our OEM clients, ensuring the safe and successful completion of large-scale manufacturing projects. We help clients strengthen their supply chain by offering comprehensive manufacturing solutions, maintaining close cooperation with them from design, production, to assembly. Our equipment and automated welding systems have provided outstanding solutions to numerous technologically challenging projects, and we remain committed to investing in the maintenance and upgrading of advanced facilities. In conclusion, our company has established a solid reputation among B2B clients in the European and American industrial sectors for our outstanding processing precision,  assembly capabilities, and professional team. We not only boast two advanced factories but also provide abundant training and development opportunities for our employees. With our expertise, facilities, and commitment to quality, we have become the preferred supplier for leading OEM clients globally.